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Maxine Lune...


Heya I am Maxine,

 A tall and slender whirlwind of feisty energy. My life long dedication to the arts and sexual liberation have made me quite the unusual companion. Intellectual conversations and a fascination for perversion are no contradiction in my world, quite the opposite in fact. I am an erotic content writer, fetish escort, artist and globetrotting adventuress. I am a free spirit, who is open to unusual desires and so called deviant requests. However, I am not tied to any specific role and define my sexuality as fluid. The course of a session depends on the connection between playmates, more so than to stick to a rigidly scripted scenario. I like to keep rendezvous playful and open for the magic of mutual seduction to unfold organically. That said, I do prepare every meeting carefully and with great anticipation. Clear communication, respect, discretion and sensitivity are key elements to my craft and I expect the same from those I engage with.


The stats:

Age: early 30's​​, Height: 177 cm​, Dress size: 10 Shoe size:7 Hobbies: Art, philosophy, pole dancing

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